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I keep looking for images that leave me in a state of suspension, a situation of stability / instability. And also some plenitude. Whether momentary or permanent, time will tell me. For so much, I am constructing and composing with the elements of the pictorial linguage.


Pablo Whitaker

Born in Sao Paulo 1958, he lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Among his individual exhibitions: Plug In Gallery (1991, Winnipeg, Canada), Galerie Ruta Correa (1994,1997, Freiburg, Alemanha) Casa Triangulo (1997,1999,2004,2006, SP), Sol del Rio (1998,2001, 2005,2012, Guatemala), Nara Roesler Gallery (2009, SP), Illingworth Kerr Gallery (2008, Calgary, Canada), Confederation Center of the Arts (2009, Charlottetown, Canada), Roberto Alban Gallery (2013, Salvador, Bahia) .


He also participates in collective exhibitions since the beginning of the 90s: Panorama da Arte Brasileira (1995, curatoria of Ivo Mesquita, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo), O Brasil no Seculo da Arte (1999, coleção do Museu de Arte Contemporanea de São Paulo na FIESP), Contemporary Brazilian Art on paper (1999, curatorial by Tadeu Chiarelli, MAM SP), 25 International Biennial of São Paulo (200, curator of Agnaldo Farias).