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Nicole Franchy, works mostly with archival material, knowledge systems and representations of nature, using material dating mostly from the early twentieth century.


Moving between the archive and the fiction, Franchy confronts realities parallel to time and interrupts the certainties related to images of mass circulation and Western systems learned from material and images of knowledge.


Its process takes the viewer and submerges it in invented scenarios or impossible panoramas, proposing a new mental and physical geography, one that encourages the viewer to investigate and redesign their own coordinates.


Nicole Franchy Lima, 1977, Lives and works between Lima and New York. Resident at ArtOmi, Upstate New York, 2018, Between 2015 and 2017 he was a resident at the ISCP International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York. Residence subsidized by the Yoko Ono Foundation and The New York Foundation for The Arts and since 2015 - 2017 has been visiting lecturer at SVA: The School of Visual Arts in New York.

From 2010 - 2011 he lived in Belgium where he graduated thanks to a scholarship from the Belgian state and the Flemish community of The HISK Higher Institute of Visual Arts. In 2014 Franchy was selected for the EFG-ArtNexus Latin America Art Award. His individual exhibitions include: Vacio Tropical, IK Projects, Lima (2018); Sunset / Sunset, Luis Miró Hall Quesada Garland, Lima (2017); Vertical Horizons, The Chimney, New York (2016); Boundary / Unknown Place, El Ojo Ajeno Gallery, Lima (2013); The Visitor, HISK, Ghent (2011) Satellite Cities, Vertice Gallery, Lima (2008); Urbania, Galería 5006, Buenos Aires (2007); A selection of collective samples include: Hybrid Topographies, Deutsche Bank, New York (2018); Delusions and Illusions, Casa Bolivar Cultural Center, Bogotá (2018); Criminality and Criminalization, Cultural Center University of Lima, Lima (2017); America, Ludlow 67, New York (2016); Dreamers and Realists, Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio (2016); Ashes, Nova Invaliden Galerie, Berlin (2016); Where do We Migrate To ?, Itinerary show, Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN (2016); Europe, ArteBa, Buenos Aires (2015); Theorem: You Simply Destroy the Image I Always Had of Myself, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey (2015); Nothing to Hide, Kinz + Tillou Fine Art, New York (2015); La Encomienda: New Peruvian Photography, Marta Traba Gallery, Sao Paulo; Reconstructions, Project Rooms Art Lima, Lima (2014); Tierra de Nadie, Gonzalez and Gonzalez Gallery, Lima (2014); Suspension, Artistdock, Berlin (2013); Parallel Universe, Nest Gallery, Geneva; BYOB Vol.01, Luis Miró Room - Quesada Garland, Lima (2012); Traveling exhibition Where Do We Migrate To ?, Värmland's Museum, Karlstad, Sweden (2015-2016); The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, New York (2012); and The Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore (2011); Traveling exhibition Contrainte Restraint, Sesc Pinheiros, Sao Paulo (2010), Maison de la Culture Marie - Uguay, Montreal (2009); Traveling exhibit Des - Habitables, Spanish Cultural Center, Lima (2010), Espacio OTR, Madrid (2009).