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I work pretty much with simple symbols. Things that are around US - CONNECTED with our daily human life and that work as universal visual language (Human figures, parts of the body, hybrid animals, the house, th sun, the moon, and familiar landscapes). I use these subjects with a crude technique that could resemble a naive place. It resembles a space between the childish and primitive, and most of all it brings to the drawing the means of learning and desire of representation. I willnever think like a child, so i try to create exercises and rules in my process to search for unexpected situations, shapes and scenarios, giving the material a lot of space to show obstacles and solutions.

The paintings and small sculptures emerge - one from the other - as part of an imaginary space that blends together disconcerting fables and everyday feminine ornaments, from nail polish to glitter. It interrupts the passivity of a universe-which is childish only in appearance-by constructing deviations from the form and intertwining the human and the animal. I feel an incessant need to bring the human figure in somehow, and i do this either in a diluted way or more explicitly so, in my path towards abstraction. The abstraction i seekis on that does not evade figurativeness, it insists on a different construction in which what we see cannot be recognized or identified because it remains within the inorganic, unimagined world conceived.


I give myself a lot of space to find abstract events on the canvas, and i rely on these events gide my process. I leave clues for myself of what could be highlighted as an eye shape, a nose line or a month stain. I am really attracted to this borderline between the figurative and the abstract and how a few marks can transform everything and become the figure of a face. Many times the basis of the piece is just an excuse to find these sudden forms, always trying to balance layers of interferences and materials.


In a way, constructing a painting is like puzzle. Int the process of building a narrative, while simultaneously throwing in isolated figures in the middle to interrupt the very narrative. These random figures can have an initial impression of being catchy or funny, but somehow for me it is a way of concealing an errie and violent universe, where things are destroyed and abandoned.


Maíra Senise (1989) is a multimedia artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She currently lives and works in New York City. Senise participated in group exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Miami, Mexico City and New York. She also did a solos exhibitions at Casamata in 2015  an art gallery that promotes emerging artists in Rio de Janeiro, Galeria Machete in Mexico City (2017) and Zipper Galeria in São Paulo (2018). In New York Senise founded the art group "Temporary Gestures" that features emergent artists works through the promotion and development of art shows and publications.