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My work is predominantly painting based, and references issues within our shared visual history as a means of expressing current emotions, narratives, situations and anxieties. I use established, and mostly cartoon characters, to pose questions and present open ended work, that although personal in subject and nature, nonetheless is intended to be approached in a multitude of ways by the viewer.


By mixing elements reappropriated from cartoons and geometric abstraction, I am interested in translating elements from our shared visual baggage in order to create something idiosyncratic, so to present doubts and questions regarding the objectivity of the source material. Furthermore, my work explores originality and repetition, and the effects, limitations and potentials passed on by the modernist project to contemporary painting, The relationship between early Hollywood animation and geometric abstraction viewed as opposing modernist logics are a central premise within my practice.


Cartoons function as an irrational stage where body parts are stretched, separated, transformed and repeated, creating alternate versions of the originals. These are then entered into a dialogue with the idealistic rationality of geometric abstraction. Both systems are treated as flawed, leaving the question, where do we go next...


Erik Bendix is a London based artist born in Lusaska, Zambia, in 1975. He studied painting and philosophy in Denmark before taking up an MFA course in Art Practice at the prestigious Goldsmiths College.

Taking cartoon inspired figures as his subjects, he translates these ubiquitous products of popular culture into ambiguous, complex works.

In refuting a clear meaning and interpretation his paintings offer the viewer boundless interpretations. Erik won the Jealous Print Prize in 2010 and has featured in numerous exhibitions including the London Art Fair (2011); The Affordable Art Fair, London (2010); 'Harsh Lines and Spongy Surfaces', Hackney Wicked Festival, London (2010); 'Pause and Eject 2', The Rag Factory, London; The Fall Exhibition, Den Frie Exhibition Space, Copenhagen (2005 & 2004).